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Supporting the NHS With Video Services During Covid-19 Pandemic

PPE Pixelwave NHS Video
Pixelwave Creative is proud to be supporting the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic with the production of videos that are assisting frontline healthcare staff at UK hospitals.

The videos are helping communicate to healthcare workers the updated guidelines on infection prevention and control advice for when treating patients who have, or are suspected of having, the coronavirus.

Videos are already in use at a major NHS hospital in the North of England, and we have offered our support to other NHS Trusts across the UK to deliver information to staff, such as what personal protective equipment (PPE) should be worn in different settings.

JP Woffenden, managing director at Pixelwave Creative, says: “We feel incredibly fortunate that we’ve been able to step in and support the NHS with our video expertise during such challenging times.”

“We understand how important it is for NHS organisations to communicate updated safety guidelines quickly and accurately so that staff can deliver essential care while keeping their patients and themselves safe.”

PPE Bury Video COVID-19

“We’ve worked with a number of healthcare organisations over the past decade, including NHS Trusts, Health Education England and The Royal College of Surgeons, so know how video works effectively as a tool to get across key messages, policies and updates to staff, while helping organisations engage with their staff to provide valuable information on important issues.”

“We’re particularly proud of our speed and flexibility while working in such an unprecedented and rapidly-evolving environment as Covid-19. There were a few times we worked through the night to get videos produced for the day after we filmed.”

“Occasionally, the content we filmed was out of date even by the time we got back to the office due to updates from Public Health England. We were able to react to this quickly without needing to re-film through the use of creative editing, producing voiceovers in-house and creating supporting on-screen graphic slides.”

Pixelwave Creative will continue to support all our regular NHS and private healthcare clients but are extending our offer of support to all NHS trusts and health organisations.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions. We are contactable via email at and phone on 0161 241 8079.

Find out more information on our NHS and healthcare video services.