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Case Study : Barnsley Hospital


Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust wanted to improve its communication with patients coming into the Emergency Department by providing up to date information about waiting times and explaining why people sometimes may have to wait to be seen longer than others. The Trust decided that a video would be the most effective way of explaining the reasons why some people needed to wait to be treated by a Doctor or Nurse, especially if waiting rooms appear to be empty or quiet.

How we worked with Barnsley Hospital

Pixelwave Creative filmed for a day in Barnsley Hospital to produce four variations of a video, that are now screened in the Emergency Department’s waiting room.

The first half of the day involved filming the ‘talking heads’ part of the video, where four members of staff delivered a script to camera. This was filmed using a studio-quality portable green screen in conference rooms in the Hospital’s education centre.

Because we were working with people inexperienced in talking in front of a camera, we provided a teleprompter for that extra bit of help and factored in time for rehearsals and for providing tips for getting the best performance out of each staff member.

The second half of the day involved filming cutaways – or secondary action shots – in the Emergency Department, including major and minor injuries, resuscitation, paediatrics and the clinical decisions unit.

As the video’s target audience would be people who are likely to be unwell, in distress or anxious during their time in the Emergency Department, we carefully considered what visuals would be helpful, with the overall tone needing to be welcoming without being overfriendly or positive.

We were also mindful of being sympathetic to the patients’ needs while filming in restricted and private areas, while also respecting that staff needed to fulfil their day-to-day duties and stick to busy schedules.

Because Pixelwave Creative has worked with Barnsley Hospital on a number of previous projects, we were also able to dip into our huge archive of footage, saving on filming time and reducing costs.

Four variations of the video were produced, featuring a different staff member delivering the same information so the Hospital could alternate which staff member patients see throughout the day. We also provided subtitles for each video.

The Feedback

Ben Brewis, Deputy Director of Operations, at Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said: “Continual communication with our patients at the time of their greatest need is something that we strive to improve on, especially in busy environments such as A&E.”

“This is at the heart of the development of our patient information video. We hope that being able to communicate key information such as waiting times and just how busy we are will help to improve the experience that our patients receive whilst being treated in A&E.”

Lindsey Howlett at Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, also commented: “JP and Pixelwave team were absolutely excellent throughout, very professional and put everyone at ease. JP explained to those being filmed how to come across in the best way possible and he adjusted the autocue depending on the speed that each person felt most comfortable.  He was happy to stop whenever necessary and to repeat areas that needed improvement.”

“The final video exceeded my expectations and everyone has been very impressed with it. I wouldn’t hesitate to book JP & Pixelwave Creative again and am already thinking of my next project.”