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Case Study : Busy Bins


Busy Bins in Bury is a bin collection service for households in the boroughs of Bury, Rochdale, Salford and Bolton. The company started offering an ongoing collection service and one-off collections after spotting a gap in the waste removal market with local council collections moving to only once every three weeks. In 2018, Busy Bins starred in Give It A Year – the ITV show with Karren Brady that followed people who had just set up their own business. The show followed the company for 12 months, tracking its successes and failures to see how far it would get. A year on, Busy Bins wanted to show its customers and social media followers how its business has changed since it appeared on the show, but it “didn’t just want to be like every other company and make a dull slideshow”. It asked Pixelwave Creative to help create a unique video.

 How we worked with Busy Bins

So, Busy Bins wanted a video with the title Give It Another Year as a nod to its ITV appearance and we couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Humour-driven corporate videos are always memorable and fun to watch.

Before filming began, we held a number of planning meetings to discuss what Busy Bins hoped to achieve with its video. We listened and understood its vision and direction, and all agreed that a ‘mockumentary’ style video would be the best way for the company to share more of its story.

The tongue-in-cheek video has a fictional storyline where owner Josh Morris believes Karren Brady is still a part of his business and he has ‘struggled to cope’ since the ITV show stopped filming.

In the video, Morris explains how he is now inseparable from a cardboard cutout of the businesswoman. He can be seen taking the cutout to the lorry to collect bins and even plays golf with it. All while the rest of the Busy Bins staff look desperate for help.

Producing the video

Filming took place at the Busy Bins HQ in Bury over the space of one day –  we even adapted to a last-minute schedule change to help Josh attend a meeting.

Because our aim was for a production style similar in keeping to the original tv programme – a documentary style / fly on the wall show – we incorporated some handheld filming to create the ‘as it happened’ feel.

However, our filming involved a pre-planned script where the Busy Bins staff had lines of script to practice. To appear fluid and genuine, this required the team to work harder than just learning and repeating the lines.

We helped with direction, coaching the team to ‘act’ while delivering their lines on camera. We gave each person a number of practice runs before we filmed their section / part.

Then, we filmed a number of scenes: to communicate that Josh took Karen everywhere with him – whether it was work or a social occasion – with locations such as a bin collection, the office and even the golf course!

Local business owner Phil Ashcroft – who also works as a presenter for Bolton FM – took on the role as interviewer to deliver that ‘TV’ style we wanted and to provide context to the video.

In producing the film, we chose licensed music that was similar in style to The Apprentice – think dramatic and purposeful – from We also got fancy with our motion graphic skills using animated stars / flares / swooshes complemented by a mix of sound effects.

Preparation is key to producing videos like this and it probably took the Busy Bins team longer to dress the room than it did to film the scenes – but worth it for the brilliant end result.

The Feedback

Josh Morris, founder of Busy Bins, says: “We really enjoyed the experience of working with Pixelwave. We had seen some of the previous high-quality work created by them so brought them in to have a chat about our project. We wanted to create a ‘mockumentary’ style, light-hearted video to share more of our story. The team at Pixelwave quickly understood what we wanted to do and shared their knowledge and experience on how to make it work.”

“We were going to do the filming on a Monday but due to circumstances out of our control we had to change it on short notice. Pixelwave did everything they could to accommodate this for us and we’re extremely grateful. The team were great to work with, both full of energy but easy going. They equipment they brought to film was really high quality and we were fully involved in the whole process.”

“Once filming was done, most of the work is then done by them in their studio. Communication was great at this stage and they got a first draft to us within 48 hours. At this point you can really see how well thought out the shots are to create that final product that the viewer will see. Overall, we’re all really happy with the video which can be viewed on our Busy Bins Facebook Page. I would recommend them to other people on the lookout for reliable and high-quality video content.”

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