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Case Study : Lordington Park Agronomy


Lordington Park Agronomy, based in the East Riding of Yorkshire, specialises in equine and deer grassland management. Led by Jonathan Holmes, a leading specialist agronomist, the company wanted to grow its reach within the equine industry by showcasing its seed drilling equipment and demonstrating how a horse’s diet and environment could affect its wellbeing and behaviours. Because ‘agronomy’ is a relatively unknown practice, it was determined that the most efficient and exciting way of attracting a new audience would be to complement Lordington Park’s existing social media and SEO strategy with relevant, explanatory and easy to follow visual content.


How we worked with Lordington Park Agronomy

Pixelwave Creative provided filming and editing services for Lordington Park Agronomy, as well as helping the company to establish a clear visual strategy on how to deliver key messages across to its target audience.

We worked closely with Jonathan, and its marketing consultant Claire Woffenden at Yorkshire Creative Media, to implement a filming schedule that would ensure we could shoot a variety of content in one session, that could then be edited and released over coming months, as and when required.

Due to seasonal changes, there was a short window of opportunity to film Lordington Park Agronomy ‘in action’ using the key machinery that it wanted to showcase. We quickly put into place a schedule for a day’s filming at two locations in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

The first location, in a farm owner’s two large grassland fields, involved plenty of bright sunshine, as well as noise from wind and nearby passing traffic. Despite the elements, we captured clear footage of key interviews with Jonathan and the farmland owners on why they were using an agronomy service, as well as wonderful footage of a ‘chain harrow’ in action – demonstrating a cost-effective way to maintain grass productivity.

The second location at a horse trainer’s paddock involved filming a seed drill machine in action. We captured moving footage of both pieces of machinery using our camera stabilisation equipment, as well as a number of ‘action shots’ with horses.


The feedback:

“Rather than blowing my whole, limited video and marketing budget in one project, JP at Pixelwave Creative has helped me plan a schedule of content as and when I need it.

I’ve found the two films produced so far from just a quick filming session to be outstanding and I love JP’s work, especially how he captured the wonderfully compliant horses!

JP managed to capture me explaining what I do, so I look and sound like I have been talking convincingly on camera all my life.

Quite often people just about grasp the “stuff I do” but don’t realise the impact I have on others, so I am pleased that JP has captured this so well.”
Jonathan Holmes, Lordington Park Agronomy