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Case Study : Collingwood Learning


Collingwood Learning is an award-winning creative education company that specialises in creating inspiring learning experiences. It was asked to produce a powerful video for the North Wales Safeguarding Board to raise awareness of the need to report concerns of abuse of any kind. The Board commissioned Collingwood Learning to produce a video that could be widely shared to make people think about different kinds of abuse that take place and to help professionals from different backgrounds understand these complex issues.

How we worked with Collingwood Learning

Collingwood Learning wrote and produced the video for the Board’s ‘See Something, Say Something’ campaign which focusses on two real life scenarios that illustrate a number of different kinds of abuse taking place and how individuals are in a quandary over whether or not to intervene. By understanding and relating to these stories, people can learn how to support those at risk.

Pixelwave Creative has worked with Collingwood Learning on safeguarding projects before, including the award-winning Real Safeguarding Stories.

We were asked to support Collingwood’s project with the North Wales Safeguarding Board by filming and editing the video.

We provided two versions – both narrated and with subtitles in either English or Welsh – to make sure the video would be accessible to everyone.

The video has been shared with the North Wales Safeguarding Board’s partners, including Conwy County Borough Council, Denbighshire County Council and Flintshire County Council.

The feedback

Jenny Williams, Chair of the North Wales Safeguarding Board, said: “This is a hard-hitting video and that is for a reason. We really want it to make people think and we have brought the issue to life through telling compelling stories based upon real life events, it can help professionals from many walks of life understand these complex issues. Understanding and relating to these stories is the first step towards individuals and organisations being better able to support those at risk. We want this video to be shared far and wide so that we can make a difference, make people think and more importantly make people act if they have any kinds of concern.”

James Nicholas, Scriptwriter and Director at Collingwood Learning, said: “We have worked with Pixelwave Creative on many important projects over several years. Collingwood Learning has always found Pixelwave to be incredibly easy to work with. JP is flexible, collaborative and creative, characteristics that are particularly important when working on projects such as the Wales Safeguarding Video.”

“Collingwood often works to stringent deadlines – Pixelwave recognises this and JP’s calm and good-humoured working practice always ensures we hit our deadlines. Such is our trust in Pixelwave that we always welcome JP’s constructive suggestions before, during and after filming.”

“Their knowledge and experience of the filming process perfectly complements our skill set – our ideas are always effectively realised by Pixelwave. Pixelwave’s grasp of the project and their effective time-keeping and creativity particularly helped in the effective filming and delivery of the Wales Safeguarding Project.  Collingwood Learning would have no hesitation in recommending Pixelwave.”