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Case Study : Pyschologica


Psychologica is a Manchester-based group of qualified occupational psychologists that offers a range of tools and services for increasing effectiveness in individuals, teams and organisations. Psychologica, led by managing director Dr Phil Bardzil, wanted to help people gain a clear understanding of its services without getting bogged down by technical detail and knew that video would be the perfect way to get the right message across. The company wanted video content that would be suitable for its website and for use in email marketing campaigns.

How we worked with Psycholgica

Following a consultation with the Psychologica team to discuss content ideas and logistics, we delivered a proposal for producing four videos. This included filming a session on location at a NHS coaching workshop, filming in a studio with Dr Phil Bardzil presenting to camera and the creation of motion graphics to complement Psychologica’s existing artwork.

At the NHS Workshop we planned to capture footage of the day and interviews with clients to form testimonials. Naturally, due to the sensitive nature of the setting, we needed to film unobtrusively while accommodating those people that did not want to be filmed. With the environment not suitable for cutaway footage, we had to think creatively to produce visuals to complement our limited content. We were able to produce engaging and relevant visuals through a combination of Pixelwave’s archive footage and stock imagery with ‘talking head’ shots of Phil presenting pre-scripted content to camera using a teleprompter.

Psychologica uses many colourful graphics on its website and products but we did not have access to the original artwork – however, we recreated several vector art graphics to enable us to produce hi-resolution animated visuals.

The feedback

Dr Phil Bardzil, Managing Director, Psychologica, says: “Our services are based on using psychology in business, so it can be quite hard to quickly convey what we do. We wanted to find a way of getting the advantages across without getting bogged down in too much technical detail and a video is a great way of doing this. Pixelwave Creative provided some background thinking and advice before we started working on video content – in terms of what we were trying to do and why, and also some of the potential pitfalls which needed consideration.Q

“The guys at Pixelwave Creative are very responsive and flexible, and open to feedback, so the process of liaison was very much two-way, which is how I like to work. The aim of our video was to portray professional credibility but also keep sight of the individual relationships we build with our clients. I wanted viewers to feel that I was ‘talking straight to them’. ”

“The majority of the filming was ‘to camera’ in a studio situation but Pixelwave Creative also came out to a workshop and filmed some live facilitation, capturing participant viewpoints and feedback. That has helped show how our work is actually applied in the real world – and also provided some real ‘live’ testimonials, which can sometimes look a bit staged. We were very pleased with the final end products.”

“The editing part adds a whole other dimension and Pixelwave has managed to maintain interest and a sense of both excitement and credibility throughout! We have other videos planned and would certainly use Pixelwave again. I think we got ‘a lot of bang for our buck’!”