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Case Study : St James’s Place Foundation


The Yorkshire Children of Courage Awards celebrate the achievements and bravery of children, young people and their families and carers. As well as honouring young people in Yorkshire, the Awards also raise funds for the St. James’s Place Foundation, which provides grants to global charitable projects that support disabled/disadvantaged children. Since the annual Awards were first held in 2011, Pixelwave Creative has planned, filmed and produced video content, and provided visual production support.


How we worked with Yorkshire Children of Courage Awards

We captured the amazing and emotionally-moving stories of those taking part in the Yorkshire Children of Courage Awards and presented them as short, informative and compelling videos during the event. Each winner’s story needed to be presented in a video no longer than two minutes – a serious challenge considering all their individual situations were very complex and extremely sensitive.

To film and produce the videos we needed to organise suitable appointments with families, carers and schools at various locations across Yorkshire, within a limited timeframe. We implemented a robust, yet flexible, filming schedule to ensure the logistical challenge of filming ‘on location’ at times convenient to the clients could be met.

Working with children is always an unpredictable process but we took careful consideration to ensure everyone felt comfortable and at ease during the filming process and were mindful that many of those taking part were very poorly.

As well as filming winners’ stories, we also provided live show production (visuals) at the Yorkshire Children of Courage Awards, attended by more than 750 people. This included providing presentation and video playback, as well as live camera shots during the event using two live cameras.

We adopted an unobtrusive approach to capturing footage throughout the event, so we could discretely and tactfully produce a high-impact Highlights Film that told the ‘story’ of the night, and which could be used for future marketing and fundraising. This footage included interviews with organisers and guests, which we successfully filmed despite the low light and noisy background.


The feedback

“The committee of the Yorkshire Children of Courage Awards has worked with Pixelwave Creative and JP Woffenden since 2011. JP’s approach, in working with young people and their families, has been incredible. He has always been extremely sensitive to what have often been delicate and sometimes difficult situations, whilst being friendly and helpful with children, young people and their families, during the filming of videos for the Awards evening.

The quality of the videos shown on the night has always been exceptional and JP’s planning and organisation, as well as his communications skills, give all of us involved immense confidence that it will be ‘alright on the night’, as it has been for the last five years. This year (2016) we are delighted to be using the services of Pixelwave Creative for the Yorkshire Children of Courage Awards and look forward to continuing our relationship with them and JP for many years to come.

We have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending JP Woffenden and Pixelwave Creative for their services.”


Stephen Mitchell – Representative of the St James’s Place Foundation