About US

All you need to know about Pixelwave Creative


Pixelwave Creative is a video production company in Bury, Manchester with a passion for engaging audiences with informative and entertaining visual storytelling.

Were here to help you launch or grow your brand with a full range of innovative and cost-effective video production services that can be tailored to achieve your communication goals.

From NHS and healthcare organisations to small or large businesses across every industry, we make it our mission to transform your ideas and messages into engaging, high-quality content that is both insightful and motivational to your target audience whether its an internal training video or a promotional branding film.

And because we want our customers to make the most of their budgets, we readily share what we know and help build clear video content strategies that get results.


We make videos that can make a difference to your marketing campaigns

Using video strategically can build brand awareness, improve lead generation, provide a huge boost to your SEO and help you create a buzz online. From advertisements and commercials through to branded messages and online video content, we deliver key messages through stunning visuals.


We help businesses and organisations use video to engage with their customers and staff

Video is a quick and effective communication tool for sharing vital messages and connecting with clients or team members in a more personal way. We can help you with internal communication messages, PR and press release campaigns, education and training programmes, and eLearning.


We offer high-quality video production for memorable conferences and events
We can help you deliver unforgettable conferences, award ceremonies, launch events and corporate meetings & seminars through creative and engaging films, audio-visual presentations, voiceovers and motion graphics. We can also capture live footage from your events that can enhance future marketing, communications or promotions.

The team

Pixelwave Creative is led by JP Woffenden, a knowledgeable and experienced videographer, producer, camera operator and editor, who oozes enthusiasm and a desire for helping clients succeed.

Together with a top-notch team of experienced specialists, including writers, designers, animators, camera operators, editors, actors and voice over artists, we bring high standards of production to every project.

We’re also super proud of our reputation for being friendly, encouraging and easy to communicate at the same time.

Our video production clients include local authority sectors, national health sectors, training providers, corporate event companies and small local businesses.

Whatever your sector and whatever you do, we’re here to help you deliver the vision you have for your brand. Helping our clients to achieve great things is what drives us.