Testimonial : Collingwood Learning

Collingwood has worked with Pixelwave Creative for over five years. As an education and training provider to Councils, the NHS and private sector organisations many of our projects require video elements. This has led to a fantastic long term relationship with Pixelwave, who have been simply excellent. From our first video project, JP and his team have been utterly dependable and professional. The quality of the filming and editing is always superb.

What marks them out is their consultative approach and generosity of spirit in everything they do. They take time to understand our goals from a learning / training perspective, and then work with us to plan a creative yet practical video product, before we commit to budget. This means the shooting and editing process is incredibly smooth and the project never fails to meet our objectives and budget.

I cannot thank JP enough for always nudging us in the right creative direction on projects with his deep technical and creative understanding. This never feels threatening, instead empowers us to achieve our vision. Pixelwave give us a sense of control over the video production with ongoing communication, letting us make informed decisions at every stage of the process. This level of trust means Pixelwave often communicate direct with our clients at crucial times enabling great customer service.

Simply, Pixelwave Creative, led by JP Woffenden are the best supplier we have ever had. They are part of the team.

Chris Simes, Managing Director at Collingwood Learning Solutions Ltd.