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Safeguarding stories: Pixelwave Creative supports video project

Safeguarding Stories
Filming for the award-winning Real Safeguarding Stories platform is always a rewarding experience and, in June, Pixelwave Creative was selected to work on four new stories.

Real Safeguarding Stories is a partnership between education provider Collingwood Learning and Bradford Council with its training resources used by universities, the NHS, police, as well as councils and communities across the UK and abroad.

Thirty-six video stories have been produced since June 2016 and are presented alongside guidance notes to be used in training environments to aid learning, including discussion points and training suggestions.

The videos will often feature survivors’ real stories told by actors to help others better understand the reality of what people experience.

Safeguarding Stories

In the most recent filming session, we supported Collingwood Learning as it filmed stories designed to raise awareness of ‘Hate Crime’ and ‘County Lines’ (when gangs and organised crime networks exploit children to sell drugs) and to provide strategies to tackle them in our communities.

In Hate Crimes, Annie, a vulnerable adult with special educational needs, is harassed and bullied by other passengers. While in County Lines, we hear from Scott who falls in with an older friend who grooms and entraps him into dealing drugs across county lines.

Two of the four stories were launched at the end of June at Sangat Community Centre in Keighley and Girlington Community Centre in Bradford, as part of Bradford Safeguarding Week.

Watch County Lines here.

Watch Hate Crime here.