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Case Study : RD Biomed


RD Biomed is an innovator in healthcare product development, with a focus on gastroenterology and smart solutions that satisfy unmet clinical needs. Its flagship product is the diagnostic device Peptest – an immunological in-vitro diagnostic medical device that contains two pepsin monoclonal antibodies in order to identify pepsin in a clinical sample. Because Peptest is distributed and used by teams across the world, RD Biomed wanted an instructional video that would show medical professionals how to use the device correctly.

How we worked with RD Biomed

Following our initial consultation with RD Biomed and a review of its printed instruction documents, we created a storyboard to ensure we would capture everything during the filming process.

While there is no specific training required to use Peptest, there are specific and precise instructions for healthcare professionals to follow in order to achieve accurate readings.

Filming took place in a meeting room at RD Biomed’s headquarters at Castle Hill Hospital in Hull. Due to the lighting and backdrop of the setting, we utilised our four-metre-wide Lastolite Panoramic White Background and LED lighting to create the perfect filming environment.

At Pixelwave Creative, we know how to make people who are unused to appearing in front of a camera feel relaxed, allowing their knowledge and expertise to shine through. We spent time with the RD Biomed team before to settle nerves and encourage a natural performance.

After capturing all the footage for each process, we recorded a voiceover to accompany the visuals.

During the post-production process, we created several vector art graphics to enable us to produce hi-resolution animated visuals that explained how to store and analyse samples. The graphics were integrated with the film footage and voice-over, resulting in an informative and engaging explainer video.

The feedback

Andrew Woodcock, Laboratory Manger at RD Biomed, said: “The video and voice over were all recorded in one day by the excellent Pixelwave Creative team. The storyboard was planned in advance and all went like clockwork on the day of the shoot.”

“JP’s directorial ship helped to calm the nerves of the RD Biomed staff involved in the video. Good communication was provided by the Pixelwave Creative team throughout the editing process, checking with RD Biomed that the correct graphics and sounds were in the relevant places and that RD Biomed was 100 per cent satisfied.”

“So far, the video has been shared with Peptest users and distribution teams around the world to lots of positive comments. This is great for the future promotion and use of Peptest.”