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Bury businesses: we’re here to help your video skills

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Pixelwave Creative has offered free support to help Bury businesses make their own videos and we are thrilled to hear how we have made a difference.

Video is a brilliant communication tool – whether it’s to share messages with your customers and clients, or even to keep in touch with staff who are working from home.

It has been essential for businesses to stay on their customers’ radar so that when we eventually return to ‘normal’, we’re not at the back of people’s minds.

JP at Pixelwave Creative, says: “We recognised that most businesses would be understandably reluctant to spend money on marketing their business in these uncertain times so we wanted to give our support to help them do it themselves.”

“Our free virtual consultation has allowed us to explain to people how to use the equipment they have at hand to record video, and coach on delivery techniques to help people look and sound as good as possible. We’ve seen lots of people creating videos for the first time, which is brilliant.”

Pixelwave Creative supports businesses during Covid

According to Bury-based Square Peg Associates – one of the North West’s leading recruitment agencies – it has benefited greatly from learning more about video to help keep in touch with its customers during the lockdown.

Suzanne Edmonds, director at Square Peg Associates, says: “I have been wanting to create videos for so long although the fear of presenting, coupled with the technical aspect of it, always made me shy away from it. I wanted to boost our social media presence and deliver some stronger, more personalised messages and since meeting JP within our network groups and seeing his presentations, he totally inspired and encouraged me to just give it a try and gave me some vital tips (dos & don’ts).”

“JP gave me a true and honest assessment of my videos and discussed things such as, camera angle, backdrop, content and lighting, as I originally had my back to a window which shaded my face, and even said that keeping it real and being me, rather than trying to act, really made me feel more comfortable in my delivery.”

“Within lockdown, I have been doing recruitment videos and our view rate has increased significantly from getting 50 to 100 views to more than 1000 views per video which has blown us away. This has proved that the power of visuals and video is successful. We have re-connected with people that we haven’t spoken to in a while as they saw me on video and we have won new business from them.”

While, the UK is finally able to see some light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, we know there is still a long way to go with challenges for many businesses ahead.

During times of uncertainty, it is essential to keep our audiences informed – whether that’s to new ways of working, or changes to services.

Watch our video below on how we can continue to produce effective and engaging videos to help you keep in touch with your audience. And, please do get in touch if you would like to chat about how we can help you make the most of video to the benefit of your business or brand.