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Read all about it! Pixelwave makes Bury headlines

Pixelwave makes local Bury headlines

“Bury video firm helps keep frontline medics safe”
“Pixelwave Creative supports NHS with PPE video support”
“Bury business supports NHS with PPE informational videos”
“Pixelwave Creative supports NHS frontline workers with Covid-19 PPE videos”

We are proud to have received press coverage in local Bury media publications in recent weeks for our help supporting the NHS and our fellow local businesses.

From the Bury Times newspaper to, we’re delighted to have hit the headlines.

When the UK government started talking about going into lockdown in the middle of March, in a bid to limit the spread of coronavirus, we thought the Pixelwave Creative team would be facing a quieter time.

But shortly before official lockdown began, we were called into action by one of our NHS clients in the North of England.

Since then, we’ve been busy filming at hospitals, producing a number of videos to help communicate to healthcare workers the updated guidelines on infection prevention and control advice for when treating patients who have, or are suspected of having, the coronavirus.

Read more about our NHS Covid-19 support here….

It has been a rewarding experience and we feel incredibly privileged to have witnessed first-hand the incredible work by our healthcare workers here in the UK.

During the lockdown, we have also offered free support to local businesses in Bury on everything from traditional filming techniques to getting the most out of mobile phone recordings.

So, it has been a real delight to see our recent escapades gather the attention of local media outlets.

Bury Times