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Creating Video for Internal Communications

internal video for communications


Using internal video for communications is a fantastic tool for your organisation.

It is easy to see the benefits of promoting your business to the external world via video. But sharing messages visually is a more personable way to connect than using traditional internal communications, too.

Over the years, we have worked with companies of all sizes to help increase the effectiveness of their internal communications. Packaging up all their information they want to get across into small, engaging videos.

“Companies with highly engaged employees outperform their peers by 147% – Hubspot

Sometimes these internal videos have been used to communicate brand values to new hires, or provide in-house training to existing employees. We’ve also created videos for making intranet announcements, or for an exciting way to deliver eye-catching business pitches.

Plus, the best thing about using video is that it can be easily shared across a company in a variety of ways.

Whether that is through shared links or embedded videos in emails, on a noticeboard in a company intranet or as presentations on large screens around the building.

Let’s take a look at the way effective video content can help your organisation improve the way it shares information through consistency in delivery.

Oh and we’ve thrown in some helpful tips on getting more from your investment, too.

In-house training & education videos

Why spend hours poring through bulky written manuals or sitting through expensive training sessions, when you can watch a video instead?

Videos can show an audience what to do, rather than tell. Establish a platform to engage, train, and communicate effectively with all employees, especially those who work from home or in a different office.

That face-to-face connection allows you to be present and engaged in training, regardless of your physical location. Some training will always need to be in person, so video can be provided after training as a refresher.

As a visually appealing learning tool, videos can also help reduce training time. More than just a PowerPoint presentation or slide deck, videos include the added benefit of audio – it’s how we communicate more information in a shorter time.

Plus, it’s also incredibly cost saving too – videos can be used to convert company knowledge into shareable formats can be stored in an archive library for future learning.

But don’t be tempted to just record an instructor talking to the screen or include lots of text to consume. With simple graphics and captions, you can provide summaries and quick tips, while planning ahead through scripting can help you avoid lengthy rambles.

We always say that you should try to keep your videos short, too. Research has shown that our attention span lasts about six minutes, so why not break training programmes into a series of short videos.

This video – a health care assistant explaining her role – is a lovely example of how staff can communicate what is needed in a role in a unique way.

Company announcements or corporate changes

Got internal communications or HR decisions to announced? Updates about business developments, performance or upcoming events? Or need to communicate with shareholders / stakeholders?

An announcement video is a great way to connect with staff by announcing upcoming changes or news about your company or products.

Video interviews with company management can also help connect leaders with the rest of the business. This more personable approach not only suggests openness but can also boost staff morale.

Especially as a video can ensure all employees hear the same message at the same time – like the unveiling of this new company logo.

Business pitches or campaigns

If you have used video to promote your brand, you will know that the format can be used to quickly deliver emotionally engaging content and tell personalised stories.

This works internally, too. Video can help galvanise a campaign, promote an idea or share a project with others within your company.

Creating a quality video will also help you easily showcase the ideas behind your proposal, especially as you can include support from colleagues.

video for internal communications

Health & Safety / Induction videos

Many businesses have an induction programme to welcome new employees to the company and prepare them for their new role.

But, of course keeping these company inductions consistent and engaging is a difficult and time-consuming task.

Based on a clear understanding of your organisation, culture and employee needs, an effective induction video can ensure new employees get a clear sense of purpose within your organisation, ensure better engagement and help learners/inductees retain more information.

These types of video can provide an overview of a business, how it operates and its ethos in a visually entertaining way.

Health and safety videos for internal communications can also help to improve your workplace safety training and make it more relevant for your workforce. And, using a variety of graphics, music and voiceovers throughout, the video can keep the audience engaged and attentive throughout the video.

Here’s Jeanine explaining to international colleagues how to use medical testing equipment correctly – it beats them having to read through papework.

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